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Half-sibs:  Individuals having the same sire but different dams (or less commonly the same dam but different sires). Half-brothers, half- sisters, or half brother/sister. Harvest:  To slaughter an animal. Heat (estrous) synchronization:  Through hormonal manipulation, causing a group of cows or heifers to initiate estrous cycles at approximately the same time. Heifer:  A young female bovine animal. Heifer pregnancy EPD:  Heifer pregnancy EPDs, expressed as probabilities of successful conception, predict differences among individuals in the ability of their daughters to conceive and calve at two years of age. Heritability:  The proportion of the differences among cattle, measured or observed, that is transmitted, on average, to their offspring. Heritability of different traits may vary from zero to one. The higher the heritability of a trait, the more accurately individual performance predicts breeding value and the more rapid should be the response to selection for that trait. Heritability estimate:  An estimate of the proportion of the total phenotypic variation between individuals for a certain trait that is due to transmissible genetic merit. It is the proportion of total variation for a trait caused by differences among individuals in breeding value. Heterosis (hybrid vigor):  Amount by which the average performance for a trait in crossbred calves exceeds the average performance of the two or more purebreds that were mated in that particular cross. Heterozygote:  A genotype in which the two alleles at a locus are different, e.g. Pp. Homozygote:  A genotype in which the two alleles at a locus are the same, e.g. PP or pp. Hot carcass weight:  Weight of a carcass just prior to chilling.
Source: Beef Improvement Federation
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